Want A Clean Car Every Day?

Join the Always Clean Club

Rain. Dust. Road Work. Birds. Puddles. And more.

If you like a clean car, every day is a challenge. But with an Always Clean Club membership from BriteWorX Car Washery, you can have a clean car as often as you like…up to once a day – EVERY DAY!

WorX Club - $29.99/month per vehicle

Basic Club - $19.99/month per vehicle

Stay Clean! Monthly price includes daily car wash.

Save Money! Pay for your monthly Always Clean Club Membership in less than two visits. (One regular WorX wash = $18)

Save Time! No stopping to swipe your card. Club members enjoy automatically activated washes.

Cancel at any time! Membership is month-to-month and you are free to cancel your membership at any time.

Stop in any of our locations to join the Always Clean Car Club today!

Ask your local BriteWorX team member for full terms and conditions.

  • Pre Soak
  • Hot Lava Foam Bath
  • Soft Touch Wash
  • 2 Step Wheel Cleaner
  • High Pressure Tire Blast
  • 3X Foam/Rainbow Conditioner
  • Clear Coat Protectant
  • Simoniz Hot Wax and Shine
  • Drying Agent
  • Spot Free Rinse
  • Simoniz Tire Shine
  • Power Dry
Worx Price
  • Pre Soak
  • Soft Touch Wash
  • Spot Free Rinse
  • Power Dry
Basic Price

What does membership include?

Membership allows you to wash your car once a day every day.

Is membership month to month?

Yes. No long-term contract. Stay a member as long as you like.

Is my credit card charged monthly?

Yes. Your card will be automatically charged each month on the same date.

Do each of my vehicles need its own membership?

Yes. They can all be paid for with the same credit card but must have their own memberships.

How often can I use the wash?

As often as needed. Every day if you like.

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes, you may cancel any time by emailing feedback@BriteWorX.com. Please send seven days prior to your monthly renewal date to avoid billing into the next month.

How do I get started?

It’s easy. Speak to any of our team members about package options and they’ll set you up.